Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The woman

The woman I am and I've become now is the woman I thought I'll never be. And for being that woman, I hate her. I hate her for being so bloody weak and so bloody fragile. I hate her for spilled out all my confidence I've hardly built for the past three years through the journey she faced. I hate her for not trusting me on the future we shared. I hate her for being such a loser. And I really hate her for buried all my dreams deep inside her heart till I can't even pictured how nice the dream was. And I hate her for being insecure on everything. After all, when you lost all your confidence, the only thing left in you is insecurity. And indeed, I hate her for not be able to dream big again.I hate the Nor Ain Elias I am now. This woman now has turned her back on the girl in her past. She broke all the promises she has ever made to that girl. She ditched that girl. And now, she left alone, facing the road that once only had bumps but now getting more difficult and thriller. Alone.