Friday, October 28, 2016

Lata Berembun, Jerantut, Pahang.

   Five years of being abused physically and mentally in architecture school, it occurred to me that rewarding meself with something that had been long stayed in my wish list will definitely do justice to myself.

   Somehow, I yearned to be there way before the Berkelah's trip lagi but circumstances always crossed our way sampai laa 9 October. It was last minute plan tapi you know me laa kan, kalo dah gua kata gua nak pi, under any circumstances pon it has to be happened jugak, but well of course it wasn't that easy, I was absolutely prepare for any others casual things.

   So, the night before October ninth around 11 pm, we hit the road to Jerantut, Pahang via Kuala Lumpur - Gua Musang road, or to be exact to the village called Damak. We arrived there at the Masjid Damak around 3-ish am. Luck is on our side, the mosque wasn't close, so we slept in the mosque without worrying about bergolek golek macam badak berendam dengan group lain. Nope okay.

Kampung Damak, Jerantut. Small population but wasn't that bad except for coverage laa, my phone tak dapat line langsung. I wonder if they have this specific line for coverage macam 'only Maxis works here'. But, the air is as fresh as it's never been inhaled by anything.

   Woke up that morning, settled all the ration and breakfast, we hopped on 4WD, we used Jerantruck's help to get us there. Took us 45-ish minutes to arrived at the Lata Berembun. The 4WD I tell ya, was definitely crazy ride! The road, ohh it shouldn't be called road, it was whole new other level of road for me. Normal cars memang takkan mampu lepas Lubuk Hang Tuah pon. 

   I swear to god, I wasn't lie, the car went up 60° for a few times, I was reciting all the thing I could recalled for that, and there's time when it was slightly nak terbalik. That wasn't just thrill, it was crazy! 

View along the way to Lata Berembun. Can't get enough of this view. Excuse the unsharpness of this picture, it'll explain the road condition to you. 

   Then, the 4WD dropped us right at the dead end of the road where we needed to cross the river and started trekking for 3 minutes and there it is the magnificent Lata Berembun.

One of the way where your shoes just soaked and wet and uncomfortable and berlecak. Need to remind meself to just wear flipper next time, won't be so annoyed nanti. 

Tak faham kenapa kena menyibuk selfie orang. Like dude why? Did anyone ever taught you about the catch 'tepi sikit'?

Mostly, laluan dia need you to have strong sense of self balance, or else you'll get wet before its time to.

    It's absolutely MasyaAllah, sumptuous, exquisite, splendid. I have nothing to compare with this one and no words to describe it. Sumpah awesome. I heard a lot bout this one, and I can tell ya, those rumours were so underrated about this one. You know of the saying 'you have to be there, baru kau boleh rasa apa aku rasa', Haa cenggitu. Gua almost nak nangis, memula laid my eyes on this view, cantik as f!

   We were also lucky to have that place for ourselves. No one was there except us maybe it was all about that moonson season things or the access to this place. 

   And! This waterfall, I can tell you, it's not that camping friendly. The campsite is actually tak besar pon, they have two. Satu, at the exact place where 4WD drop kau, and it's absolutely takde pokok kat tengah tu, open space, so don't even think about pacak fly kau, boleh simpan balik masuk bag karrimor kau! Another one, just after you cross the river, there's campsite yang berbumbungkan pokok, tapi uneven earth there, and can fit up to according to my observation maybe 2 tent and one fly. It wasn't that spacious pon. Ceh bajet bajet pro je Ain ni, pang kang!

The one and only, Lata Berembun, Jerantut. Yang depan tu je suitable untuk bermandi manda yang atas dekat waterfall tu absolutely nope. Ayaq terjun dia kuat namatey level kau duduk batu depan tu boleh rhasa ayaq dia perciq perciq masuk mata. Boleh je nak mandi situ pon, tapi pesan awal awal ah dekat mak kau prepare memana patut macam gali kubur dulu ke, takpon prepare bahan kenduri arwah dulu ke. 

Tak paham kenapa kena nak cari siput sedut dekat sini, and waktu ini. Like semua orang was so ready for group photo and you're the only one yang tetiba nak stumbled down pulak. Sumpah tak paham dengan diri sendiri.

If you noticed the fly, it's dipacakkan atas batu with so minimum space for bags only because time tu nak hujan. It was the last option we had, because other places semua inconvenience either berbatu or pacak 15°. Cehh pepandai aku je bagi degree tanah dia. 

This one bawah sikit, 15 saat je jalan dari kolam atas, fit for mandi mandi jugak, not as big as atas pon. Tapi boleh laa dari takde.

   So we just gedebush in the water, had fun, swimming, fooling around, taking picture. And the waterfall itself is actually located in the secluded area, where you need to swim to the cliff and climb that to reach there. It's kind of sweet danger sebab dia macam difficult and slippery but I can guarantee you 300%, it's all worth because the view, the waterfall, the sound are all splendid and in perfect harmony, you wouldn't get it elsewhere. 

   And the rocks are quite slippery and mossy tambah tambah dekat waterfall tu, I guess it was because tak ramai yang pi situ kot. And Ani and Ben almost in red zone when diorang terjatuh dekat the hatchway to the waterfall tu. 

Batu batu cinta yang licin dan kalau kau terjatuh, sakit dia perit sikit je dari sakit kena tinggal. Haa cenggitu.

    And we also lucky Abang Jerantruck tu bawak us pi Lubuk Hang Tuah. Located before Lata Berembun, around 15-ish minutes from here to Lata Berembun. If you're heading to Lata Berembun and you have this pair of quite sharp eyes, you'll notice the simpang is actually geton your right. 

   This one wasn't bad either, it reminds me of Jerangkang at the first level, quite similar in their pool. If you're a cautious one, this kolam lagi safer kot because the fall pon wasn't that callous. And it has generous space of campsite for I guess up to 40 pax, and cover by a lot of trees unlike at the Lata Berembun one laa.

Btw, gua excited because for the first time in my 23 hidup ni, gua dapat tengok how they channeling the water supply. Kalo nak tahu datang laa sini, saje je gua letak gambar ni, kalo gua 1cm kan kamera ke kanan, you'll absolutely can find out. Excited dia macam memula kau nampak zirafah dekat zoo after bertahun kau tengok dekat TV and buku kamus bergambar. 

   I crossed this one out of my wishlist with satisfaction smile. I always have a thing for waterfall, and Lata Berembun, everything about it's so perfect. This sensational waterfall is absolutely something that close to my heart, and i'll be coming back for camping okay!