Monday, January 06, 2014

Letter in the bottle to Mr. Unreadable / Awesome!

Second letter for you mr. Unreadable. First of all, on the top of all point, I just wanna thank you because finally, you've accept me in your life, after such a long knock at your door, finally, you allowed me to enter. Eventhough, until now, I still can't digest that fact. Because, I still remember I'd once said to you that "You resemble the dream that will never come true". But, sometimes, dream is just a beginning to a reality.

And I know, how straight-forward am I and sometimes, my sharpness might be hurt you. But, it's all because I love you. Never in a split second I had a thought to change you, it's just never because for me, you're just perfect the way you are and I just love you for who you are. I just wanna be that someone who's gonna bring out the best in you because, I know the thing that you oversaw 'bout yourself, I know how good you are, how awesome you are and you just don't show it. There's alot in you that just buried inside, you just too humble to bring it out, have a faith love, have a confidence with yourself, your confidence has defeated your awesomeness somehow. Fight it back.

And I just want you to know that I am wrong, totally, absolutely, definitely wrong because I actually don't need to prove to anyone how good you're because I forgot the fact that we can never pleased everyone. And it's just more than enough that you know how awesome you are and how lucky I am to have you. We don't need the universe to know it.

Sometimes, I might be too exaggerate when I said "I don't take XTAHU as an answer to my question" but I just want you to learn how to express your feeling, instead of just keep it by yourself. Because, I want you to know that now you have me, I'll be a good listener for you. You can spill all you want. I'll listen to every words you say. I'll be the awesome, cute, and gorgeous consultant for you, promise! *wink wink* I don't want you to stress out on the small thing, thing that sometimes, you just don't need to think, it's not even a big matter. Stop overthinking love and talk to me, I'll be here. You can talk to me bout everything, and I'll never judge you.