Thursday, October 23, 2014

Some People

 I have always been amazed by some people that will go through a hell just to fight for the people they love even when the person they love have clearly made their point that they don't want them anymore. Even they have been pushed out for so many times that they have every right reason to give up but they stay and hold on to just one single reason to not to. And the saddest thing bout this people is no one sees their efforts, and no one ever appreciates it, and no one knows the struggle they face to stay, the hurt they keep inside and the broken parts of their heart that keeps bleeding and not even healing. And the saddest part of my life is I've never have this kind of people.

And this entry was never about me, and for the one who has this person in their life, try to put your feet in their shoes, I don't think you can barely take a step. Please learn to appreciate this kind of person because you are so lucky to have them and because I envy you in the way that no one has ever fight for me, ever.