Sunday, October 05, 2014

Mind Your Own Business Please

  I have lived my awesome life in a simple way. I abbreviate my circle of friends. When people choose to be so friendly, I choose otherwise because I'm bad in constitute a friendship, I'm bad in constitute a conversation even for a hello. But it's all because I choose to, I abbreviate my circle because I have this kind of thought that the more people know you, the more problems you'll have to deal with. And for being introvert like me, it's easy to limit my circle.
But I forgot, some people are so judgemental. They will just judge you after they have a first glimpse of you without even know your story, your struggle. And this is it, thanks for being so nice to even care bout me. But my life wasn't a drama for you to watch and judge and give a slight comment. I'm so okay if you're judging me, but it'll a situation for me when you start to judge my friends and spreading some lousy and dreadful talks bout them. My problem is my problem. Even if they've hurt me, you still have no priviledges to hurt them. I don't need you to watch my back, I don't need your sympathies, I don't need any of your help. This is my life. Whatever problem I have with my friends, it's all about us, don't make it worse, we're not 12. Just don't hurt my friends. Thank you. Besides, I'm a woman who your words don't get deep to me.