Friday, February 20, 2015

Site Vijit

Okay, here I am writing about our last site vijit at Umang-Umang Beach Resort, Kuala Linggi, Melaka yo. Can you see how excited and overwhelmed I am by that site vijit. All in all, I concluded it as, it was fun, way alot more than just fun. It was awesome. Why? Because, c'mon, what else you need to define the word 'awesome' when you have this kind of beautiful beach with good scenery of sunset, rocks and ships at the background and MasyaAllah, it's really beautiful I tell ya. And with all those friends that are so funny like you just wanna slap them at their face to shut them up because you can't stand with your stomach is already ache of laughing so hard at their jokes. And you have to also see those big and old trees there, OMG I cannot laa with all those nature, it's like when I first stepped out of that bus, it just boommm! That feeling I tell ya, it's like I've been falling in love again. I almost cried. I love all those nature, trees, beach, sand, beach breeze's smell. Nature and me, we are a good friend. She'll always be my kind of remedy, my own elixir.
Btw, what's with my faces as a header and why it has to be that big, I mean, look at it, it's not just quite big, it's really big okay.
You know what, let me tell you this, I think I love myself and being me is I just love me or should I wrote it as more or else like adore myself. And again, this is my blog, hell yeah my face is up there, never will be yours.
P/s: kenapa letak gambar busuk Asyek? Sebab he's the one yang tanya soalan btw tu. So dia macam adil laa kan, you pissed me off and you deserved to be pissed off too. Cheers.