Friday, February 26, 2016


  I was at my sajadah, contemplating, just finished my Isya' when I saw an ant was circling around the pattern on the sajadah, you know, the baldu one yang dia buat corak corak masjid and whatsoever tu, he was circling for a few times, back and forth following those pattern, unconsciously my smile just carved across my face. He was so funny for me. I think he was lost actually, because he was in the lekuk between pattern to pattern, I mean with his size, those lekuk will be like massive drains for him, and that sajadah has like hundred of lekuk, if I were a savage giant human, I would've poured water, and he will be absolutely drowning, eii so jahatnya, MasyaAllah. I couldn't help but giggle seeing him find a way out.

  Then I realized, how sometimes, we ask Allah for so many things. Ask to be granted with what we desire, which we think might be the foundation of our happiness. But the abandoned fact is, it's actually the little things that Allah has blessed upon us is the real happiness. A mere example is a food that we eat everyday though it is ice cream but look at the power it has to make us smile in a bitter day. 

  We have been so ungrateful, complaining while we can when we have almost everything, happy family, good food, comfy house, retarded friends, peaceful country, great education. What else do we require when we have all of this, that's actually matter. We keep complaining over small pieces that we have when it's actually enough. And how those people who have less than us are so thankful to Allah for what they have. How we are here having the massive headache to choose between iPhone and Samsung when those in Palestine have no choice between life or death.

"Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things" - Frank A. Clark