Saturday, June 18, 2016

Gunung Suku, Simpang Pulai, Perak

 It was a callous week, where all the stress, anxiety and pressure pervaded my sanity. It was one of the week where I was slowly dripping to the ground. Where living is all about surviving, architecture consumed the best of me.

  So, I took a huge leap of faith, I thought, 'this is it, I couldn't let this perpetually happen, I shouldn't be drawn into my sorrow'. It was right at the moment when Awus invited me to join the trip, without even thinking further and deeper, I said 'bravely' count me in, with all the submission and the incoming dateline was tailing behind me, but, I am just that crazy.

  But I thought, why not, lets get this self into the woods. After all this is all that I need. Out of everyone that I know and try to achieve some peace, way from architecture. I was comforting myself that I really need this trip.

  And, I know of how these past 23 years, I've been so comfortable in this zone that I've created, so here I am, getting out of my comfort zone. At first, everything was so awkward, starting from when I stepped my foot into Along's car. But , slowly, the phase changed, and it was thanks to Along, Adib and Meera for being so friendly and trying to make me feels comfortable and it was all becoming okay.

 But yeah, it was my first time, what do you expect. It took me forever to reach at the peak. I don't think I'll ever make it without Awus standing strong having my back though he's been so annoying. He's been mentally psyched me till I was so annoyed with him and the obvious part was, I was showing my annoyed face all the way up. But, I'll forever be in debt with him, If it wasn't for him, I'll be giving up ten minutes after we went up. He's been pushing me beyond my limits, till I was like, Omaigod, I can actually do that. 

  So, here I am at the peak of Mountain Suku, 1979 meter above the sea. It took me 3 hours plus minus to ascend and 1 hour plus minus to descend. The track I tell yay, it's 70° steep from the beginning. Don't even try if you're beginner, you'll definitely regret. Scaled this mountain wasn't that easy if you're wearing a pair of useless sportshoes, not even recommended. Plus, bring a lot of water, the only water point it has, had no water. 

 We planned to catch the sunrise but due to some circumstances, we didn't even manage to catch so much time for sightseeing because the fog is so real. But upon succeeded at the peak, I manage to treat myself with exquisite view of titiwangsa range, where we could see some others mountain like Korbu, Irau and Chabang. If I not mistaken laa, that's what I recalled of what Awus fed us. But the view was worth all those sweat and pain. You know that feeling of seeing something you've been known from your textbook only but now it's all right in front of your eyes, magnificent. 

  This whole trip was quite surprising for me, I learned a lot, not just about others but mostly about myself. How I figured out that, the me that I was or I am wasn't that mentally strong, most of the time, my mental would drag me to give it up before I even reached my bottom line. It was me, how I learn that it's all about your mental, your brain, you just have to conquer it. And to have Awus pushing me beyond my limit was something that I thought how can someone just be this strong, we hike the same mountain and he even have to bare the pressure of me cursed him out loud but not even a tiny of energy drained from him.

  And there's a saying "It is not the mountain that we conquer but ourselves". I said, couldn't be agreed more. I really learned alot.