Saturday, August 06, 2016

Came Across a Dramatic Situation

"People don't just behave in such a way because that's who they are but there's always something that keep them that way."
  Yes, I'm quoting myself there. Tapi why eh? You know I had came across a dramatic situation recently where 'how good I am in walking my own talks' was being tested. And gladly I said, I failed terribly!

 Which is why I'm quoting myself there. Just incase me which is Nor 'cold-hearted' Ain Elias needed a cold hard slap at my face to be reminded of your talk should be along with your walk! Rather than asking 'why' I just left with my 'screwed you' attitudes and 'not even bother myself with your bullshits anymore' attitudes.

 I do feel bad, but I don't know, because I wasn't involved too deep in that situation so rather than staying and listening to explanation which is I am so sure of myself that I'm not gonna trust any of it anymore. So I think I just pass on that one.

 But instead of blaming this person 200%, part of me also wondering bout the 'why' he was behaving that way. And if one thing I know, I'm not mad anymore, I actually think I've already forgiven him. All that left now is I'm curious but I don't  bother to even know the answer.