Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Road I Should Taken

Assalamualaikum! Haeip! *lelambai slowly*.
 Actually something did bother me lately. That something always makes me pondering on my future. I keep thinking, did I make a right choice for my future? Am I actually belong to Architecture’s world rather than Law’s world? Or it's vice versa actually?

Since my first semester, I've been always thinking bout it. And by the time passed, I am in my last semester for my first year study now. But still, I got one more years to deal with. By the time that year keep getting nearer to me, my heart keep telling me, I should change my course, I should have. Should I change my course? Because this is a matter of my future, I need to consider about it. Like seriously. 

The main reason why I assume that I actually belong to the Law’s world is because I’m actually a talkative girl. Like seriously talkative. Once I talk then all the thing that people surround me can do is just listen to me. And I really, really hate people who don’t wanna listen to my story. But the real truth is I always do. When having a discussion with others, if I was there, it’ll turn into arguing rather than discussion. I hate to admit that actually I’m completely wrong even I know that's a fact. Yes! I always wanna be a winner. 

I don’t know how to draw and colour. Yeah! That’s the main reason why I always thought that I don’t belong to Architecture’s world. Like seriously, I don’t know how to draw something especially something abstract. 

See! korang mesti ingat yang ade tangkai tu epal kan? cuba teka ape tu? sebenarnya tu ialah CAPCICUM! bhahaha..

dah kenapa lukisan ni senget! mesti nak marahkan korang tengok. comel x aku colour? ada laa orang tu kan. dia cakap aku punya lukisan da macam anak sedara dia punya dah. bhahaha. pape laa awak, yang penting awak gelak! >__<
chennnnngggg!! tetiba ada gambo pizzo.. sebab bila aku stress mula laa rasa nak makan pizzo. adoinye pongg!!

For now on, I really don’t know should I change my course or not. But I really like Architecture. Some people said if you have an interest on something, automatically that interest will make you achieve the victory. I don’t know. T__T Ya Allah please shows me what should I do. Please lead me in everything I do. I believe everything’s comes from You. Amin

Please support me to keep writing. >__<