Thursday, October 24, 2013

Letter in the Bottle to Mr. Unreadable

Assalamualaikum and Haeip!
Mr. Unreadable, okay hari ni tetiba rasa macam nak buat entry pasal awak, kenapa? Sebab kita geram, sakit hati, benci, rasa nak pukul awak sampai awak perasan kita! Boleh ke macam tu? Why not because nothing kat atas dunia ni impossible if you say possible to the impossible.. Tahu tak? This is the most berani entry tahap sanggup terjun bangunan tingkat lima belas.. To post this, I've gathered all my strength! Why can't you see that?
Mr. Unreadable, kita nak tanya awak, why can't you see me eh? I'm standing right in front of you and showing the obviousness yang kita suka awak and you just passed through me, just like that.. Just like I'm invincible to you.. Tahu x it hurts! And don't you know, I've been falling for you for almost two years! And I've tried to find at least one single valid reason for me not to fall for you and here it goes that I couldn't..
Because you're so unreadable and unpredictable and un-sangka-rable, it makes me fall way harder than before. Can you at least show me some clues, like if you just wanna be my friend then don't give me a hope, because of that hope I'm still holding on until today. In case you're afraid to approach me because you might think that I actually already belong to someone else, lets just get this one thing straight. I'm absolutely single! And it's not like I don't want to smile at you when your eyes meet mine but I'm just too flatter to do that, you should have knew you give me so much butterfly until my belly is about to explode..
This entry macam desperate housewife kan? Kenapa, sebab I don't want that two years become three years and then four years and keep adding.. I just want the kepastian, at least show me kalau you absolutely has no feeling towards me, then I can just back off, stop hoping, stop all the awkwardness, stop all the weird conversation, stop staring at you, stop admiring your smile, stop admiring at your perfection, stop hoping for you to smile at me, stop stalking every social networks you have, and knock it all off. And I just can live like I always be, and I can just stop being so fool. And even if I fall that hard pon, I'm still not too late to pull my parachute and land safely at the ground, I don't want to just fall hard and wait until I crush on the ground and broke into pieces..