Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Thought in A Mess Head

'We built friendship by respect, if you can't apply that in us, you're out of my clique'
 The thing about us is we built our friendship by respect and trust. How can we get close to someone if we aren't trusted them. Trust is something that binds us. And when you lose that, friendship will be piled up with lies. And being a human, you have to have this kind of thing we called it as common sense. Having senses in some simple things that we often ignore it. Having senses in some things that people often forget about it, because that's what makes you a human.
 I don't choose my friends. And I realized that we all have flaws so I accept everyone. I teach my heart and mind to not being a judgemental. I learn to plant the words 'she/he must have his/her own reasons for whatever she/he did' doesn't matter if she/he even hurts me. I open my heart to everyone but that's the thing about being a open-hearted, you care bout everyone to the point that people take it for granted. And you're ended up being hurt. And being hurt is just a step to turn me into the cold-hearted and heartless Ain, because it's easier. You don't have to care. You just flip off your switch and life will be better, will be much brighter, you don't have to feel, no drama. And I love that life, because it's smoother than now.
 And this is my personal thought. Don't be offended by any words. If you.