Friday, September 05, 2014

Thing About Life

  Life has its own rules. Everything that is meant to be happened will happen. Either you embrace it or not, because Allah is the All Mighty.

But I contravene the rule. Being me is I tend to be so passionate in getting everything that I want. Sometimes, I force thing to happen exactly the way I prefer it to be. Everything has to follow the path I've carved. But I forgot, Allah is the Greatest and He knows the best how to indoctrinate me bout this life. And I learn  the lesson in a hard way.
  Maybe you have to digest the hard cold fact that there's thing in life that you can't change, what is fated to be that way, it'll be. Eventually. Sometimes, you can force thing to be on your path but there's certain thing will never be on your path, not even crossed it. And you have to accept it. Allah knows it best. He knows what you know not. Have a faith. Let it flies.