Monday, January 11, 2016

Everyone is a Good Person

“Within every bad thing I see good, and, likewise, within every good thing I see bad, however impossible it is to understand it or see it at the time. As humans we are the epitome of life; in life there is always balance. Life and death,male and female, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, win and lose, love and hate. Lost and found.”

Cecelia Ahern
  Seeing good in every bad is something that I think everyone has to plant it deep in our heart. I strongly believe that every human being was never actually so evil, even in Botak Chin cases, I still think he was actually had this good in him but it was deep down in him, maybe, we never know, hati orang mana kau tahu. Sometimes, I think about him often, like betul ke, he actually that jahat. Hahaha. I do believe that even in a heart imprisons with so much evil, there's kindness somewhere in that heart, but it is too deep to reach maybe. I mean, if we look from the different perspective laa, a serial killer wasn't born to be a serial killer, macam keluar keluar dah ambik pistol tembak nurse, when he was a young boy, maybe he was a decent boy macam sebenarnya dia lagi baik dari kita but sometimes life forces you to be that way, I'm not blaming life, Allah tu is the best planner, but sometimes, those forces are beyond our control.

  Those forces like family problems, the death of beloved one like your mom or dad or both meninggal, parental abuse, money problems, study problems, self-identity, grown up, ask yourself how many times we have been in this situation? Eventually, we all get lost once in a while but some of us can figure it out and come out at the other better end but some maybe wander too deeper than us but they eventually come out at the other end too but it is different end, the darker end which makes the worse part of their pain is gone and yet they stay because it's easier. And that's all they need, the pain to be gone so that they can feel happy too.  And how many times, we wish to pack our bag and escape this world, pretend that we don't care about our pain or about anything at all? All the time I reckon. Maybe they are just like us. But we, we have Allah, family, friend to turn to when we lost our hope. And we don't even know that maybe they dont have anyone, even someone to remind them of Allah. We are the lucky one.

  So why can't just everyone try to love everybody even it is not everybody but the least you can do is to love those who are close to you, your family and friends. Even in your racial hatred towards someone which whenever you see him all you can think about is killing him but can't we just pause and try to look back at those times he stood there for us when we were in need of helping hands and none had appeared but him.

   Everyone will go through the rough patch of their life, ultimately, but most of us can't do worse, some will always be good at picking themselves up and some maybe are good in talking about their problems but many of us aren't. Sometimes, they just keeps the pain inside that will eventually lead them to some kind of a meltdown. People don't just behave in such a way because that's who they are but there's always something that keep them that way. A powerful act of kindness doesn't have to be shown in investing any single cent, be nice, and a simple smile is all it takes. To show the kindness to someone you hate is not a hypocrite but that's what we called maturity where you've come to the part which finally you try to understand why he behave in such rather than blame him. And be mercy of your enemy is humanity, we don't fight outside of the battlefield, we fight till dead only in it.
"I have believed the best of every man, and find that to believe it is enough to make a bad man show him at his best, or even a good man swing his lantern  higher."- William Butler Yeats