Monday, January 11, 2016

The Last Letter in The Bottle

Dear Mr. Unreadable,
  I'm glad you finally have a new life. This will be the last letter I will write for you. And this isn't those typical letters that I'd usually wrote you but this might be an appreciation post as well I guess, well, tengok laa how those words will be enunciated.

  Above all, I just wanted to thank you, so much, really, last time I didn't get a chance to thank you. Having a chance to know you were never a regret for me. Though I didn't get a long period to get to know you but that was just enough to get deep into you. But deep down, I am so thankful because I learned alot from you, by alot, I really mean a massive bunch of it, you are a lesson for me, lesson that I need to learn about this life.
  And you are a good man, really, so kind-hearted, someone that always seize inside his own feeling for the one he loves, or in easy word selfless, kan senang kalau cakap selfless je, macam motif kau nak tulis panjang panjang, blerghh ain ni, and so nonjudgmental type, full with positivity, always seeing the good in others, someone who will sacrifice himself for his beloved parents, you're a really good man. Knowing you, taught me to imply those values on me. Still trying actually. So thank you for all those lessons.

  Whenever you're, whatever you're doin, be safe, be happy. And sometimes just enjoy your life, be firm in making a decision, choose it because you want it not because others tell you so, those decisions, you'll be carried for your whole life, don't turn it into things you'll regret you didn't do when you're on your deathbed. Those burdens on your shoulders wouldn't last forever, eventually they will be gone but those times you have with your loved one, will last, cherish it. The past is in the past, don't be haunted by it. I'm glad I know you. Thanks.